WPDSAA South & West Inshore Leagues



A.1 To promote light tackle sport fishing amongst all the anglers affiliated to WPDSAA.

A.2 To ensure all league competitions are fished fairly and all anglers can participate on as equal a basis as possible.

A.3 To ensure all boats can participate safely.

A.4 To find the top anglers in each category, top boat and top club.

A.5 To reward any angler or club for their performance as the WPDSAA may deem fit.

A.6 To select Provincial Teams.

Tournament Committee

WPDSAA Tournament Officer (for both sections on a control basis) or his nominee if unavailable.

Tournament Officer of each participating club OR their nominees, to be available at the venue to make decisions.

The participating T/O’s will also be responsible for all weather calls


There will be a Tournament Officers briefing hosted by the WP Tournament Officer prior to the commencement of the season, to discuss any rule changes and new dates and elect the seasons Tournament Committee.

A league brief prior to the commencement of a league weekend is to be done by the WP T/O and distributed to all the club T/O’s by no later than Thursday 10h00 prior to the commencement of the league.

It is the duty of the club Tournament Officer’s to advise all league Skippers and Anglers, prior to the commencement of the season, the new rules and elected dates for the season.

During all SOUTH leagues there will be a briefing on the Friday evening at 19h30 - attendance by at least ONE representative of each participating WP club is COMPULSORY.


West League

The WEST league is a SPLIT LAUNCH from ALL the respective WP affiliated clubs with the exception of 2 legs were the launching will be compulsory from CBSBC and GBBAC respectively. See 2013 fishing calendar for details.

In the case of all other West legs:

1) You may launch from the site of your choice

2) You may only WEIGH IN where you SIGN IN

South League

Max. 5 legs (3 legs at Kleinbaai and 2 legs at Struisbaai) + 2 spare (1 at each venue where possible)

There will be a SPLIT launch when hosted by Overberg Boat Club .All vessels have a choice to launch & retrieve from either KleinBaai or Gansbaai harbour.(you may not launch from one and retrieve from another)

Registration & Weigh in will be from Overberg Boat Club


B.1. The Tournament Committee, with the aid of the Weather Stations, can decide if the event is NOT to take place, due to inclement weather conditions by 19h00 on the WEDNESDAY prior to the league and to notify all via the WP tape. Only participating/active WP affiliated clubs will be allowed to comment.

If this is not possible the following below will apply:

West League

The WP Tournament Officer in consultation with the respective club T/O’s must make a decision by no later than 19h00 on the Friday before the WEST league and notify all via the WP tape.

A decision must be made two hours (2) before launch time of the event-taking place

In the interest of the league being fished and knowing that the weather will moderate a delayed decision can be made, which will at latest, be taken by 08h00.

Weather call is compulsory for all host clubs and will be determined from CAPE POINT weather only and will apply to all clubs whether the league is called ON or OFF

South League

The WP Tournament Officer in consultation with the host club T/O and weather committee only must inform all what their intentions are by no later than 10h00 on the Thursday before the SOUTH league and notify all via the WP tape.

A final decision to be made at registration on the Friday evening or if not possible then by latest 08h00 the next day at the venue’s slipway.


For reasons of safety, lines-up may be called early by MAJORITY VOTE of the elected Weather Committee or their nominee, under which circumstances any angler fighting fish MUST CUT-OFF IMMEDIATELY

If by 10:00 On the Saturday no fish have been boated and the event is called off due to bad weather, it shall be considered cancelled and fished on the Sunday if possible.

The Weather Committee ONLY will use channel 69 in the case of making these weather decisions at sea and may not be interrupted by any other persons when making their decision.


Failure to comply with conditions of participation may result in the individual angler's scores, boat score and club score not being scored and/or disqualified.

D.1. Participating boats will carry a current SADSAA safety disc number and it must be entered on the registration form by close of scales.

D.2. All anglers must be registered members, in their own right, of this Association.

D.3. All anglers must fill in their Western Province angling numbers on the registration forms. The onus will rest with each angler to remember his/her angling number.

D.4. New anglers must affiliate to Western Province through their respective clubs within two weeks of fishing a leg. The onus will rest with the skipper to ensure that the new angler gets affiliated. If the angler does not affiliate within the two weeks, the boat and new angler will not be scored.

D.5. All vessels participating in the league do so as amateur sports anglers, under the auspices of the WPDSAA. As such, the laws pertaining to sport and recreation regarding bag limits, minimum sizes and protected species are binding on all participants.

Boats carrying a commercial type license MAY PARTICIPATE IN THE LEAGUE provided it is in accordance of their regulations and that they abide by the rules as set out.

D.6. The registration form must be signed, clearly stating name of boat, boat registration number ( this reg number must be accurate as the WP scorer will be using it in the future to identify your vessel),SADSAA disc number, names of each team member, name of club they represent and the line class and brand they are using prior to the official launch time

D.7. In the event of mechanical failure of vessels, contact is to be made with the Control Boat to notify them of the problem and an extension of the scales closing time may be allowed.

D.8. The onus will rest with the Skipper of each boat, regarding the safety of his/her crew, on whether to go to sea or not. Should the Skipper decide to go to sea, he/she does so at his/her own risk and indemnifies WPDSAA of all risk and legal implications.

D.9. Provincial or SADSAA representation on a league day, the anglers concerned will NOT score but will be adjudged as FISHED in the league for the provincial selection criteria process only.



WPDSAA/IGFA Rules will apply EXCEPT THAT; the double line shall not exceed one & half metres [1.5m] and the leader shall not exceed four point five seven metres [4.57]. The combined length of the double line and leader shall not exceed six point one metres (6.10m), measured from the first knot to the end of the hook.



All boats must have a qualified skipper on board and may only carry participating anglers. With the express permission of the skipper, a recognized reporter of recognized media/newspapers may be allowed on board, but may only be on board as an observer. It is envisaged that the promotion of angling as a sport be encouraged.


C.1. It is the duty of each Skipper to act as a referee and see that the rules are strictly adhered to.

C.2. In the interests of safety and sportsmanship, each Skipper is expected to give as accurate as possible details regarding position and catch when asked to do so.

C.3. Any person talking on the radio of a boat will be considered to be representing his/her Skipper.

C.4. In the interests of sportsmanship, only 29 Meg and channel 71 VHF may be used for competition chatter, other VHF channels may only be used for reasons of safety.

C.5. Cellular phones and boat Kavi Comm or Satellite phones may NOT be used for inter-boat communication till lines up.


Any Angler, who is an affiliated member of more than one (1) club, must nominate the club he/she wishes to fish for, before the start of the League Season and may not change his/her nomination during the course of that League Season.

D.1. Junior Angler

A junior angler will be under the age of sixteen (16) years at the start of the season (effective on 1 January 2013). He/she will have the option to nominate before the first leg to fish as either a junior or senior angler. This decision can NOT be changed after the first leg has been fished.

Juniors will not affect boat scores unless they make up the total of three anglers per boat to determine boat scores as defined later in this document.

D.2. Novice Angler

This falls away and novice anglers to fish as per point D1.


An angler may have a maximum of 4 rods and 4 reels on board, may not have more than two lines in the water at any one time.

In the event of both lines going off simultaneously the angler may elect another angler, who is fishing the same line class only, to take one rod, subject to that angler retrieving 1 rod of his own (if he has 2 rods in the water at that time)


COMPULSORY line class minimum 3kg & maximum 10kg (IGFA rated) all scores will be calculated with a factor .No heavier line may be taken on board except as required for traces.

F.1 Line Brands - Pre Approved

The following MONOFILAMENT brands: Ande, Berkley, Stren, Moimoi , Platypus, Suffix and Double X in the IGFA range only.

All line used should be pre-tested before use.

No braid allowed.

Any angler found not conforming will be penalised.

F.2 Line Testing Method

PRE-APPROVED line used will not be subject to testing

Tests are to be done before all leagues through the assistance of the club T/O’s.

DRY testing only qualifies.

If samples fail the first dry test a minimum of three (3) more DRY tests will be done and the average will determine the class.

In the case of a line breaking over, using the above methods, the following will apply to the angler:

Immediate disqualification of the leg fished and Suspension of the following leg for the applicable league segment.


The minimum weight for species to count will be 1 kg ( subject to the minimum legislated size & weight requirement per species as specified in the regulations)

NO BARBEL, SHARK, SKATE OR RAY SPECIES TO COUNT – SNOEK may be caught during all legs.


All vessels participating in the league do so as amateur sports anglers under the auspices of the WPDSAA. As such, the laws pertaining to sport and recreation regarding bag limits, minimum sizes and protected species are binding on ALL participants.

H.1 Measure, Record

H1.1 Applicable in the SOUTH & WEST leagues

H1.2 All fish presented at the scales will be measured and recorded on the WP weigh sheet by the nominated weigh master.

H.1.3 COMPULSORY BOAT INSPECTIONS BY ALL AVAILABLE T/O’s FOR ILLEGAL BAG LIMITS TO BE CARRIED OUT – immediate disqualification of the total boat score and anglers individual scores for the applicable leg as well as a suspended leg following the transgression date.


The in shore league is a species driven format. There is an overall cumulative daily bag limit of ten per angler, irrespective of the species caught, subject to a maximum of the daily bag limit allowed per species.

No weighable fish may be kept alive in Live bait/bait wells – THE FIRST FISH KEPT & KILLED IS TO COUNT


West League & South League

The Tournament Committee at their discretion may limit or extend area boundaries

The following fishing boundaries apply for West Leagues:

5NM from land with the inclusion of a 3NM radius around the following structures:

Dassen Island, Robben Island, Rocky Bank (measured from the pinnacle),

NB: No fishing may be allowed in any restricted area as demarcated as new reserves as stipulated in the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Areas.

South Leagues:

7NM from land. When fished at Struisbaai the option to include the 12 Mile bank will be discussed at the skippers briefing on Friday evening prior to the league.


K.1 Departure from all launch sites will be:

WEST - 1 March to 30 September 07h00 / 1 October to 28 February 06h00

SOUTH - 1 March to 30 September 07h00 / 1 October to 28 February 06h00

[or as decided by the weather committee at registration]

K.2 In the interest of the WEST & SOUTH league being fished a delay in the weather decision is allowed until 08h00


South Leagues

Lines- up on a SATURDAY will be 16h00 ....IF FISHED ON ANY SUNDAY lines up will be at 15h00

West Leagues

Lines- up on a SATURDAY will be 16h00 ....IF FISHED ON ANY SUNDAY lines up will be at 15h00

The exceptions are as follows:

For reasons of safety lines-up may be called early by majority vote of the elected weather committee

An angler may continue fighting a fish for 1 (one) hour after lines-up only provided it was hooked prior to the call and is immediately reported to the control boat. Fish hooked after the lines-up call, must be disqualified.


1. All points scored will be awarded in accordance with the WPDSAA scoring system together with a GRAND PRIX 1000 - point system

2. The total score of the anglers on board will determine boat scores divided by a minimum of three (3) participants. In the case of only two senior anglers a junior will make up the third angler and his/her score will count to determine the boat score.

3. The total score of that angler/boat will determine the top angler/boat over the whole season.

4. The club score will be the total score of the top ten anglers of that club for that particular day and the total of all the events will be the overall score of that participating club.

5. For the Species scoring system, individual scoring will be calculated as the total points of an angler for the day…. multiplied by the number of legal species he/she has caught.

6. The grand prix system based on the species scoring will apply to individuals, boats and clubs scores

7. Western Province floating trophies may be won by any WPDSAA affiliated angler but must remain within our Provincial boundaries.

8. Scores for juniors will be recorded separately.


1. All fish must be weighed on the official scales so designated.

2. All fish are to be clearly marked and sorted for individual identification prior to the weigh-in.

3. All fish must be individually presented to the scale and recorded against the angler’s name on the official weigh sheet, which must be signed as correct by the skipper, or his nominee. All weighed fish to be marked by the weigh master.

4. In the SOUTH league Scales close at 18h00 unless otherwise decided by the Tournament Committee to cater for special circumstances. EXCEPT WHEN THE SUNDAY IS FISHED then scales will close at 17h00 or at the discretion of the host club T/O.

In the WEST league Scales close at 18h00 unless otherwise decided by the Tournament Committee or at the discretion of the host T/O.EXCEPT WHEN THE SUNDAY IS FISHED then scales will close at 17h00.

5. If no fish are caught, Weigh Sheets must be signed by the skipper, or in the absence thereof, be reported to the weigh master.


1. Prizes, will be awarded according to the available trophies and as determined by the WPDSAA Tournament Officer.

2. If any trophies are incorrectly awarded, the Club’s Tournament Officer at the first opportunity must bring it to the attention of the WPDSAA Tournament Officer.

3. Trophies for separate South and West leagues to be awarded.


All objections together with R 50.00 (Fifty Rands) must be reported to the Control boat or the host tournament officer or the WPDSAA Tournament Officer immediately they arise, but no later than the close of scales and must be followed up in writing within one (1) hour. This can however be extended to 24 hrs at the discretion of the elected Tournament Committee.


Although the intent of these rules is to rely on the integrity and sportsmanship of all participants, the elected Tournament Committee may, at their discretion, rule for cancellation of any infringement as follows:

a) Boat score
b) anglers catch (single fish or entire catch)
c) entire teams score.


Any participant may appeal against a ruling by doing so in writing to the WPDSAA Tournament Officer, together with R50.00 (Fifty Rands) within 1 week of the ruling. If the appeal is upheld, the money will be refunded, if not the money will be placed in the Tournament Fund.

R. DATES – As per circulated calendar