29 April - 7 May 2016

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R 900 per angler prior to 1 April 2016

R 1000 per angler there after.




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May 2015

Offshore Classic Result can be viewed on our FACEBOOK page.


109 Anglers entered and the main prize went to Kobus Witt on board Blue Waters with a 99.7kg Yellowfin Tuna, Top boat was won by TEAM MAGOOFTER.



April 2015


26 April 2015 till 2 May 2015



With the weather allowing our vessels to go out and have a look "sea", our anglers were rewarded with awesome catches of both Yellowfin Tuna and Longfin Tuna.  Biggest catch reported within this month so far is an 126kg Big Eye Tuna caught by Delano Goldberg. This is fantastic news as our Annual Offshore Classic will take place within weeks!


Offshore Classic 2014

With 90 anglers, 19 boats and perfect conditions forecast for the week, the comp was off to a great start.

Day 1 – 28 April 2014

On the first day, the anglers were greeted with flat seas and windless conditions, as well as recent reports of good size yellowfin out in the deep. Lines up was at 16:00 with the scales opening at 17:00.

The first Yellowfin to the scales weighed 72.50kg’s and then the rush started, with very good numbers caught for the first day. Some of the bigger fish ranged from mid 40’s to the biggest fish for the day 80.75kg (caught by Jason Jooste on the boat Lynx). The longfin were also thick with the biggest weighed for the day over 27kg’s.

Day 2 – 29 April 2014

Although the sea was still flat, anglers set off in some rain this morning. The fishing reportedly went very well in the morning but the fish went off the bite at about 11am. Although some nice fish did come to the scales (the biggest in the 50kg class) the volume did not match that of the first day.

Day 3 – 30 April 2014

Anglers were given a much needed rest day.

Day 4 – 1 May 2014

Conditions were choppy in the deep but the guys still managed to bring in some good yellowfin and longfin. The biggest yellowfin for the day was caught by Dirk on the boat Blade, with a weight of 74.85kg and close behind him, Morne Marais on Magoofter landed a yellowfin of 71.30kg’s. Some big longfin came to the scales again today, 23.45kg, caught by Jacques on Kokomo and Riaan on boat Blu Water right behind him with a fish of 21.85kg.

At the end of the competition the top 10 yellowfin ranged from 67.4kg – 80.75kg and the top 10 longfin ranged from 22.95 – 27.15. With both the biggest yellowfin and biggest longfin tuna being caught by Jason Jooste on the boat Lynx. Jason was top angler for the competition.

Magoofter was top boat with Blu Water coming in a close second less than 70points behind.


In other NEWS!

The WP Province Prize Giving was held in Kleinbaai on the 10/05/2014 and GBBAC walked away with almost ALL the trophies.


Top Club - GBBAC

Anglers: 1st - Daniel Hughes; 2nd - Louis Becker; 3rd - Colin Joubert (ALL GBBAC)

Boats: 1st - Relentless; 2nd - Bad Romanz; 3rd - Pica II



Top Club - GBBAC

Anglers: 1st - Patrick Christodoulou; 2nd - Daniel Hughes; 3rd - Morne Marais (ALL GBBAC)

Boats: 1st - Deep Fry'd (GBBAC); 2nd - Relentless (GBBAC); 3rd - King Fisher (OBC)



Top Club: ABC

Anglers: 1st - TIE between Constant Marais (GBBAC) and Nick de Kock (ABC); 3rd - D. Strydom (CBSC)

Boats: 1st - Cloud Nine (ABC); 2nd - Sam Michelle (CBSC); 3rd - Relentless (GBBAC)


Club Chairman of the year - Hermann Reske - GBBAC


I would also like to wish the WPDSAA team that competed at the TUNA NATIONALS a huge CONGRATULATIONS for walking away with the gold medal. Our very own Daniel Hughes captained the team, he and his two team members, Chris Pike and Leander Wiid outfished 9 other teams. Chris also a landed a 97.45kg yellowfin on 10kg line, which is a huge achievement.


Til the next one...




2014 is off to a cracker of a start.

Our new EXCO committe was nominated at our AGM in February. Congratulations to all, we see some old faces and a couple of new faces on the 2014 committe. It also seems that the average age of the committee members seems to have dropped by about 20 years.                                                                                                                           Louis Becker - Chairman, Philip van der Walt - Vice Chairman, Charlene Reed - Secretary, Daniel Hughes - Competitions Office, Tanya Marais - Editorial, Sydney Strydom - Radio & Safety and Hermann Reske - Entertainment.

In other news, the Offshore Classic is just around the corner. If anyone would like to help organise or has contacts for sponsorship please contact Philip or Louis ASAP.

Congratulations to the following club members who have been selected for SADSAA and WP teams for upcoming tournaments.

Delano Goldberg - SADSAA U19 team for Junior Nationals

Nishaad Ibrahim - SADSAA Team - Tuna Nationals being hosted in Hout Bay

Juandre Geldenhuys (Cpt) and Bradely Bartlett - WP U16/19 team Junior Bottomfish Nationals at St Francis Bay

Daniel Hughes (Cpt) - WP Team Tuna Nationals being hosted in Hout Bay



If you have any news or photo's that need to be uploaded onto the website, please dont hesitate to send them through to me.

Til next time,