As amended and accepted January 2004. As amended November 2008.

1. Name

The name of the club shall be the Gordon’s Bay Boat Angling Club.

2. Headquarters

The Headquarters of the club shall be at such address as may, from time to time, be decided.

3. Constitution

The club shall consist of deep sea anglers and game fishermen.

4. Objectives

The objectives for which the club is established are:

4.1. To foster the spirit of harmony and good fellowship among all anglers and maintain the best traditions of amateur angling conforming to international standards.

4.2. To assist the Government and fisheries department by conforming to their regulations and pay due regard, in particular; to the requirements of the Sea Fisheries Act.

4.3. To regulate the fishing and manner of capturing fish by its members.

4.4. To encourage boat members to register their boats with the club, such registration to be gratis. The club will make details of its membership available to boat owners as and when required.

4.5. To weigh and keep accurate records of salt-water fish captured and to award such trophies as become available for competition by members of the club and to issue certificates.

4.6. To purchase, lease or acquire by donation or otherwise, moveable or immovable property.

4.7. To improve facilities for small boat operation throughout the Southern Cape.

5. Membership

5.1. The admittance of all members; with the exception of foundation members, shall be decided by the committee by majority vote.

5.2. Applications to be made on official club forms.

5.3. No ordinary member shall be elected less than fourteen days after nominations or without his/her name having been screened on the club premises for at least seven days.

5.4. No person residing within 20 kilometers of the clubhouse shall be eligible as an honorary or temporary or reciprocity member of the club save where:

5.4.1. Such eligibility is, in terms of the rules of the club, granted by reason of such person holding some public office or being a bona fide candidate for membership or having conferred some special benefit upon the club.

5.4.2. By resolution of the executive committee, such person is allowed the privileges of membership while engaged in any competition.

6. Members

There shall be six (6) classes of members:

6.1. Foundation members, who are those members who have joined the club prior to the first annual general meeting (4 November 1968).

6.2. Life members are those members who pay in one lump sum a subscription equal to ten (10) times the annual subscription; such members to be exempt thereafter from the payment of further subscriptions. Life membership can only be granted with approval of the committee after ten (10) years membership of the club.

6.3. Honorary life members, who shall be those members or persons on whom an annual general meeting (upon the recommendation of the committee) have conferred life membership for outstanding and meritorious services to the club; provided that the recommendations of the committee on this respect shall be by unanimous vote.

6.4. Honorary members, who shall be those members exempted by the committee from payment of annual subscriptions.

6.5. Ordinary members.

6.6. Such persons as may be nominated by a public authority to serve on the executive committee in terms of any lease of the club premises.

6.7. The member’s spouse (including common-law spouse) and the member’s dependant children under the age of twenty one (21) residing under the same roof as the member shall have the same rights as an ordinary member during the membership of said member but shall have no voting rights.

6.8. Any member who is considered a junior according to the constitution of the SADSAA shall be considered a junior member of the club.

7. Subscriptions

7.1. The ordinary entrance fee and yearly subscription shall be a decided at an annual or special general meeting.

7.2. The annual subscription shall be payable on the first day of January in each year. A new member shall pay his/her subscription on being notified of his/her election to membership. If a new member is elected after 31st January in any year he/she shall in respect of that year be liable to pay pro rata of the prescribed annual subscription.

7.3. A member who has not paid his/her subscription within three (3) month after it became due; shall not allowed to continue as a member while his/her subscription is unpaid. If any member whose subscription has not been paid within three (3) months after due date, fails to pay such subscription within twenty one (21) days after notice from the secretary, the committee may cause the name of such defaulting member to be erased from the register of members. Subscriptions paid after 28 February shall be subject to a penalty; accumulative for each month’s late payment.

7.4. A member, wishing to resign from the club, shall tender his/her resignation in writing to the secretary prior to the annual general meeting, failing which he/she shall be liable for a full year’s subscriptions in respect of the ensuing year. The committee may; within its discretion, waive such payment.

8. Year

The clubs financial year shall be deemed to commence on the 1st day of January and to terminate on the 31st day of December each year.

9. Management and Conduct of Business

The officers of the club shall be the following office bearers:

9.1. Chairman
9.2. Vice-Chairman
9.3. Honorary Secretary
9.4. Honorary Treasurer
9.5. Competitions and Public Relations Officers
9.6. Radio and Safety Officer
9.7. Fund raising and Entertainment
9.8. Clubhouse and Amenities Officer
9.9. Bar Controller
9.10. Editor
9.11. Development Officer

The office bearers shall be elected from amongst the members annually at the annual general meeting or at a special general meeting called for the purpose except that, where an office become vacant, the executive committee shall at its next meeting appoint a successor or successors, provided that, should the office of chairman fall vacant, it may only be filled at a special general meeting called for that purpose. All members of the executive committee shall retire at the end of the club year, but shall continue in office until the election of the new committee.

10. The Chairman

The Chairman shall:

10.1. Preside at all general meetings and executive meetings.

10.2. Have a casting vote, at all general and executive committee meetings.

11. The Vice-Chairman

11.1. The vice-chairman shall be an automatic member of the executive and shall, in the absence of the chairman, preside at general and executive committee meetings, and shall assume the duties of the chairman.

11.2. In the absence of the chairman and vice-chairman, the quorum being present at the meeting shall elect the chairman for that meeting only.

12. Honorary Secretary

The honorary secretary shall:

12.1 Keep the meetings and procedures of all general and executive committee. The minute book of the proceedings of general meetings shall be open to any member of the club applying for it.

12.2. Do or cause to be done, all the clerical work of the club and be responsible for all the correspondence received and dispatched. It shall be obligatory upon him/her to acknowledge receipt of all correspondence received within a period of seven days. He/she shall keep a proper register of all members of the club.

12.3. Notify all members of meetings in writing, giving at least seven days notice thereof.

12.4. Have a deliberative vote at all general and executive committee meetings.

13. The Honorary Treasurer

The honorary treasurer shall:

13.1. Be responsible for the collections and due administration of all moneys and funds of the club and for keeping proper accounts.

13.2. Present at each executive meeting a statement in full of the clubs financial position to date, supported by a bank statement and/or deposit books and/or documents in respect of any investments held by the club.

13.3. Prepare an income and expenditure account and balance sheet which shall be presented at each annual general meeting.

13.4. Have a deliberate vote at all general and executive committee meetings.

14. The Competition and Public Relations Officers

The competitions and public relations officers shall be responsible for the organizing of at least five monthly competitions each year in order to promote the recognized facets of boat angling namely ski boat, deep sea and light tackle boat. They shall prepare and keep all necessary records and documents relative to the registration of Western Province and South African records. In addition, they shall be responsible for arranging suitable publicity for the club and its activities and shall be required to work in close co-ordination with the press and radio. They shall be an automatic member of the executive committee and shall have the right of speech and power to vote.

15. The Radio and Safety Officer

The radio and safety officer shall be responsible for keeping records of radios licensed in the club’s name for the allocation of new licenses and two-way radios and to ensure that the base radio is constantly in good working order. He/she will be required to work in close co-operation with the National Sea Rescue Institute and the S.A. Naval College at Gordon’s Bay.

He/she shall be responsible for the promotion of safety consciousness amongst boat owners and have the authority to inspect the craft of club members for the purpose of issuing safety certificates. He/she will be required to work in close co-operation with the N.S.R.I. He/she shall be an automatic member of the executive committee and shall have the right of speech and the power to vote.

16. The Fund Raising and Entertainment Officer

The fund raising and entertainment officer shall be responsible for members and their families being able to meet socially and generally promoting good fellowship and harmony in the club. It will be obligatory upon him/her to organize a minimum of three social events annually and devise means and ways of raising funds for club projects. He/she shall be an automatic member of the executive committee and shall have the right to vote at executive meetings.

17. The Clubhouse and Amenities Officer

The clubhouse and amenities officer shall be responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the clubhouse and grounds and for maintaining order therein. He/she shall appoint at least two members to assist in his/her duties. He/she shall be an automatic member of the executive committee and shall have the right of speech and the power to vote.

18. The Bar Controller

The bar controller shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of business upon the licensed premises and shall be required to keep a register of all stocks issued or received in terms of the legal requirements relating to the Liquor Act. His/her duties shall include the compilation of a duty roster and he/she shall be responsible to the executive committee for all moneys under his/her control. It shall be obligatory upon him/her to hold a quarterly stock count in the presence of at least two other executive committee members. He/she shall also be responsible for the enforcement of the requirements laid down by the liquor licensing board in terms of the license granted to the club. He/she shall be required to represent the club in respect of all legal matters affecting the club’s license. He/she shall be an automatic member of the executive committee and shall have the right of speech and the power to vote at all general and executive committee meetings.

19. The Editor

The editor shall be responsible for the compiling and printing of the club newsletter, which shall be published at least quarterly. He/she shall be an automatic member of the executive committee and shall have the right of speech and the power to vote at all general and executive committee meetings.

20. The Executive Committee

The executive committee shall:

20.1. Consist of the chairman, vice-chairman, honorary secretary, honorary treasurer, competitions and public relations officers, radio and safety officer, fund raising and entertainments officer, clubhouse and amenities officer, liquor and bar controller, editor and development officer, together with such persons as may be nominated by the public authority in terms of any lease of the club premises.

20.2. Manage and conduct the business and affairs of the club with due regard to such directions as may be given to it by resolution of a general meeting.

20.3. Hold in trust all assets and property of the club.

20.4. Fix dates and venues of all general and executive committee meetings.

20.5. Deal with disciplinary matters as follows:

Any member whose conduct shall be held by the committee to be injurious to the character and interest of the club, shall be liable to expulsion from the club and he/she may be expelled by resolution of the committee which shall be passed by not less that a two thirds majority, provided that the members whose conduct is in question is considered and shall be given a hearing before any decision to expel him/her is implemented. A member expelled by the committee shall have the right to appeal to a special general meeting, as provided for in the sections headed “Appeals”.

20.6. Meet at least once every calendar month. The honorary secretary shall post, to each member of the executive committee, the notices convening and setting out the agenda for the meeting at least seven days before such meeting.

20.7. Have the power to appoint a sub-committee for any special objective and delegate to such sub-committee the functions and power of the executive committee.

21. Finance

21.1. All moneys received shall be handled by the treasurer who will be responsible for them until banked.

21.2. Special disbursements shall be authorized at monthly committee meetings.

21.3. Clause 21.2 aforementioned shall not preclude the treasurer from disbursing such sums as may be necessary, but such expenditure must be confirmed at the next committee meeting.

21.4. A banking account shall be opened in the name of the club and all withdrawals are signed by any two of the following: treasurer; chairman; vice-chairman; secretary.

21.5. In the event of the club being licensed under the liquor act, no profit from sales of liquor by the club shall accrue to any individual save under a written agreement approved by the liquor licensing board.

21. Bye-Laws

The executive committee shall have the power to make such bye-laws not inconsistent with the constitution as it seems fit for regulation of the club. Such bye-laws shall be binding on all members of the club who shall be advised in writing by the secretary concerning the details thereof.

22. Executive Committee Quorum

At all executive committee meetings any 6 members, having the power to vote, shall constitute a quorum. No members of the executive committee shall be represented by a proxy.

23. Executive Committee Minutes

The minutes of every executive committee meeting shall be read or, by resolution, taken as read and, if passed, be confirmed at the next such meeting.

24. Vacancies on the Committee

The office of any official absent without valid reason from two consecutive meetings of the executive committee, shall forfeit his seat. The committee shall have the power by majority vote to fill any vacancy.

25. Special Executive Committee Meeting

Upon instructions of the chairman or upon a requisition signed by two or more executive committee members, the honorary secretary shall convene a special executive committee meeting within 14 days of receipt of the instructions or requisition, unless an executive meeting is pending.

26. Special General Meeting

The executive committee may convene a special general meeting of the club for which at least 14 days notice shall be given to all members. Such notice shall set forth clearly the objective or objectives of such meeting.

27. Decisions at Executive Committee Meetings.

Except as provided concerning the expulsion of members, all questions arising at the meeting of the committee shall be decided by a majority vote by the members present and in the event of an equality of votes, the chairman shall have a casting vote.

28. The Auditor.

The auditor or auditors shall:

28.1. have access at all times to all books and records.

28.2. have the power to report to a general meeting and to require that a special general meeting be convened to deal with any matter raised in any written report of the auditor or auditors.

29. Liabilities and Office Bearers.

The office bearers shall be indemnified against al liabilities incurred by them in the execution of their duties, save such as they incur through their own neglect or default.

30. Postal Communications.

Any notice to the usual address of a member shall be deemed to be properly served. Any change of address of a member should be advised by such a member to the secretary in writing. The postmark of Telkom shall be taken as the date on which all communications, notices, etc. have been sent either by or to the club.

31. Representation in the Name of The Club

No representation to or negotiations with any public authority or body or any persons or body of persons shall be made or carried on in the name of the club without the authority of a general meeting or the executive committee, and accordingly nothing of that kind shall be done by any member of any office except under specific authority of a resolution of a general meeting or the executive committee.

32. Meetings

32.1. The executive committee shall, on not less than a 14 day notice, convene an annual general meeting to take place during the month of February each year. An executive committee meeting shall be held once a month and general meetings at least once per quarter. General meetings shall not require written notice. In the event of a quorum not being available for an executive committee meeting, the secretary shall arrange a meeting at the earliest convenient date.

32.2. At any general meeting of the club, twenty-two (22) members shall form a quorum.

32.3. At every annual meeting, the minutes of the last annual general meeting and any subsequent special general meeting, shall be read or, by resolution, be taken as read and if passed, be confirmed.

32.4. At the annual general meeting in each year there shall:

Be elected the following office bearers:

Vice Chairman
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Competitions and Public Relations Officers
Radio and Safety Officer
Fund Raising and Entertainment Officer
Clubhouse and Amenities Officer
Bar Controller
Development Officer
Auditor or Auditors
Club President.


33.1. Be fixed the remunerations or honoraria, if any, of the honorary secretary, the honorary treasurer and auditor or auditors.

33.2. Any member desiring any matter to be placed on the agenda of an annual general meeting shall deliver such matter in writing to the honorary secretary of the club at least twenty-one (21) days before the date of such meeting. The honorary secretary shall forward to each member at least fourteen (14) days before such meeting the notice convening such meeting. The annual general meeting shall be held during February of each year.

33.3. A special meeting of the club shall be convened at any time by requisition of at least twenty-two (22) members, which requisition shall set out clearly the objective or objectives for which the meeting is called and no other business may be discussed. The honorary secretary shall advise all members concerning the meeting and the business for discussion.

33.4. All votes shall be by show of hands unless a specific request by at least two delegates is made, in which event a secret ballot will be held.

33.5. Proxies are not permissible at annual general meetings and special general meetings provided that such proxies are lodged in writing with the secretary before opening of such a meeting.

34. Appeals

34.1. There shall always be the right to appeal against a decision of the executive committee to a special general meeting.

34.2. An appeal shall be made in writing addressed to the honorary secretary and delivered to him/her by pre-paid registered post within 14 days of the decision appealed against.

34.3. The executive committee shall consider any request for a special general meeting to deal with an appeal at its next meeting following immediately the receipt of such request and shall, if necessary, convene a special general meeting. Notice of at least 14 days shall be given in writing to all members accompanied by the details of the appeal.

35. Amendments to the Constitution.

Any amendments or alterations to the club’s constitution must be passed by two-thirds of those present at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting. The proposed amendments or alterations shall however appear on the agenda of such a meeting and it will be obligatory on the secretary to advise all members of any proposal changes at least 14 days before the date set aside for such a meeting. The secretary must be notified in writing of any proposed amendments or alterations.

36. Discipline.

All members shall be bound by the Constitution.

37. Tackle Rules.

Tackle must conform to the International Game Fishing Association regulations

38. Claims for South African or World Records

Any fish caught by any method of fishing in accordance with the International Game Fish Association rules is eligible for a record claim if it outweighs the existing record in its class.

39. Competition Rules

As in terms of international and national requirements it is a condition that fish registered for record purposes be captured by rod and reel only, the club lays down that only fish captured by such method shall qualify for registration. Insofar as its own domestic administration is concerned however, the club will organize and control competitions providing separate sections for awards to:

39.1. Game fish captured and boated in accordance with international requirements

39.2. Edible ground fish captured by rod and reel.

39.3. Edible ground fish captured by deep-sea hand-lines.

39.4. Salt water fish caught by trolling method. To qualify for South African or world records, tackle used in trolling must comply with international requirements. For purposes of its own domestic administration, however, the club will not lay down a method of make up of tackle for trolling and will make club awards available to competition members in this section irrespective of whether or not the user meets international requirements.

39.5. A fish captured by any of the foregoing methods may qualify for award only in its particular section.

40. Amateur Angling

Amateur angling shall mean the sport of the capture of fish by rod and reel by amateur anglers as organize by the club and organized and governed by its constitution.

41. Amateur Angler

Amateur angler for all purposes of this constitution shall mean a person who captures fish for recreation, pleasure and sport.

42. Disposal of Catch

The club recognizes that, as expenditure incurred by regular participation in deep-sea angling expeditions are considerable, there is no objection to any amateur member of the club disposing of sufficient of his/her catch to meet legitimate expense, provided that he/she complies with the laws of the land and, provided that any member of the club who regularly proceeds to sea with the sole objective of capturing fish for the personal profits by the sale thereof, shall not be recognized as an amateur angler for the purpose of this constitution and shall therefore be expelled from the club.